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Training 2/24-3/2

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 3.40.51 PM

Very solid week of training here!

I’m experimenting with a method of upping my volume while at the same time improving the quality of my workouts. Adding a warm up, duh. There was a recent study out that found a proper warmup is more likely to reduce DOMS than a proper cooldown, contrary to popular recommendation.

This means that before my runs I’ll do an EZ 20 minutes at about a 10 minute pace, basically as easy as I can run. I’ll incorporate various drills into these 20 minutes, such as skipping, bounding, high knees, etc. I’ll also some 2-3 100-200m strides. Then I’ll move into the workout, such as an EZ60. That makes my first mile actually within the “ez” range instead of slower, so the overall hour workout is higher quality, yet my quantity of total daily volume is up as well. I’ll also try to add in a 20 minute cooldown run as well. So an EZ60 7.5 mile run turns into 11.5 miles.

The highlight of the week was definitely the moderate hour at a 7:22 average followed up by a half hour at aerobic threshold, a 6:27 average pace. I also fit in a 2 mile warmup and a two mile cooldown, bringing my total mileage that day to 17.

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The lowpoint was, without a question, getting sick. I had a fever of about 99.5F on Saturday, but felt great for my Sunday speedworkout. On Saturday I thought my eyes/throat/nose were just dry from having the heater in the bedroom up too high, but during my run I was feeling a bit weak and shortened it, and afterwards I was pretty trashed for the remainder of the day.

2014-03-02 13.44.29 I hammered out the 10x400m at 3k pace in my SKORA Fits and Team top, as well as the famous galaxy shorts.

Food Log:

Am tea
3:30 half hour elliptical
4pm regen60
5:30 lots of Mexican food

8am EZ60
9am three bananas, oats
1:30 regen60
3:30 rice, beans, veggies, bun with promise
5pm snacked on an apple w pb
8:30 cheese quesadilla

7am coffee & cinnamon roll
7:30 wu, MOD60, 30@AT, cd with 3 mints
10am two bananas
11:30 oats & a bagel
4pm two quesadillas
6pm cheese quesadilla & apple

11am elliptical60
Noon two pb&j’s with a banana
3pm rice, beans, veggies, & peanut sauce
6pm cheese quesadilla
7pm elliptical60

8am wu, EZ60, cd
10am oatmeal & a bagel
2:30 two pb&j’s with a banana
2:30 elliptical60
4pm cucumber & hummus
5:30 chik-n sandwiches

Am coffee
Noon bagel
12:30 speed
1:30 smoothie
6pm curry, rice, naan