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Training Jan 13-19

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 2.31.40 PM

Another great week. I’ve been feeling awesome lately! Actually, I’ve been feeling awesome for a long long time.

The highlight of the week was a tough choice. The easy long run at a 7:50 pace for 14 miles was wonderful. My legs & lungs felt strong for the entire run, and the effort was low. On the other hand, running a 5:23 mile up on a 100m track was good too. That did not feel terribly difficult and I’m happy with the effort.

As for a disappointment, I’m coming up blank. The week was purely solid. I’m dropping a bit of weight and running my highest volume, and feeling good while doing it.

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 2.46.34 PM

I’m working quite hard to drop some weight before racing season starts. I’ve been hovering around 145-148 for a good long while now, we’re talking years here. Athletes racing at the level that I want weight 15 pounds less than I do. Hell, Ritz is an inch taller and is 121 pounds on race day.

Normally I would recommend the old “lose weight gradually over a long period of time” with a slight caloric deficit.

However, I want to get it over with.

I don’t want to have to count calories to be in a slight calorie deficit for half a year. Instead my caloric deficit has been pretty steep lately. I’ve been eating maintenance lately and deficit has been coming from my running. I reload the glycogen stores about once or twice a week with a higher calorie day. It’s been two weeks now and I’ve lost a couple pounds, my highest day was 147lb and my lowest was 142.8. It’s not feeling like the low amount of calories have affected my performance yet. 130lb would be an even 100 pound weight loss for me.

To combat the lower food intake (and thus nutrient intake) I’ve been making a point to get in my veggies, especially kale and snacking on lots of carrots. 

Some main benefits of the weight loss will be decreased mass to move forward and up, better ability to cool myself, and less impact with the ground that hopefully leads to lower injury risk.

Food, Sleep, Weight Log

7 hours sleep
7am Twix
7:30am Regen60
Late AM tea
1pm oats
1:30 Regen60
5pm two BLT
8pm two veggie quesadillas

7.5 hours sleep
8am oatmeal
9am EZ60
Noon hour nap
1pm two burritos with ranch dip, clementine
3pm regen60
5pm bagel & cream cheese
8:30 regen60

6 hours sleep
7am handful mixed nuts
1:00 specific endurance 60
2:30 smoothie
5pm three veggie cheeseburgers
9pm carrots and hummus

10am oats
11am EZ110
2pm bean soup
4:30 pasta
7pm rice and peanut sauce
8pm popcorn

8am oats
9am regen60
2pm smoothie
4pm rice, beans, & peanut sauce
5pm regen60, sauna, whirlpool
7pm pasta
11pm two veggie quesadillas

9 hours sleep
10:30am bagel
11am EZ60
1pm potato sandwiches
PM bean burritos, pasta, & popcorn

9 hours sleep
144.5 pounds
Noon bagel and cream cheese
12:30 ez3 miles
4pm Mexican restaurant
pm didn’t record