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Training Log 1/6 – 1/12

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 6.22.00 PM

This was a killer week! I believe, my highest volume week in over a year! Since August 2012 at least.

The highlight of the week was definitely the 25 minutes at 6:03 pace on the treadmill. The pace felt good until the last two minutes at a +2 incline, otherwise it was solid. I started the run at about 1pm without eating anything prior, just a cup or two of caffeinated coffee.

As for a disappointment, the only thing is that my right high hammy is in a bit of discomfort due to spending too much time on a treadmill this week. I was just getting a bit burnt out on the track, as the weather outside has been very cold (-30F and colder) and it’s been a while since I’ve been outside.

2014-01-10 07.29.37

Nutrition for the week was good:

11am oats
Noon regen
3pm oats
6:30pm French onion soup, bread, poached pear.
8pm run
9pm leftovers

7am fruit
7:30am ez60, whirlpool
9am fruit
1pm fruit
1:30 EZ60
4pm cup of French onion soup, carrots and hummus
7am burritos and ranch
9am apples and peanut butter

8am banana
10am Strength Endurance Run
Noon smoothie (banana, strawberries, kale, chia), tea
5pm ramen cooked in coconut milk and rushed pineapple with curry
6:30 EZ60
8:30 dos burritos de queso y frijoles y Ina quesadilla de queso.

Noon chips, salsa, and a 3 pieces of Dave’s Killer Bread with some promise.
5:30pm Mac and cheese with veggie hot dogs.
6:30 EZ60
8:30 two bean burritos with ranch dip

6:30am carrots & hummus snack
7:30am MOD60, sauna, whirlpool
9am smoothie
2pm a butt load of carrots with a bit of hummus
5pm spaghetti
9pm two cheese quesadillas

Am coffee
12:45 tempo run, sauna, whirlpool
3pm smoothie
5pm ez60
6pm quesadilla
10pm taco johns

11am oatmeal
1pm ez90
3pm smoothie & quesadilla
8pm pancakes