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2 Weeks Out from Deadwood


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Week of May 24, 2015
Purpose: Quality
Goal: 9 Hours (reached)
Distance: 63 miles

Hopefully the Mickelson Trail doesn't look like this on race day!

Hopefully the Mickelson Trail doesn’t look like this on race day! (from a few weeks ago)

  • Key Workouts:
    • Sunday Mile Repeats
      • wu, 4x1mi@6:10, cd
        I did this on a treadmill, but averaged about 6:10 per mile. No idea if the machine was accurate, but it was a good workout.
    • Wednesday 800’s
      • I did not leave enough time between super nachos and the workout, so did not feel good for this at all.
        Took the 800’s relatively moderate, but it was still a nice session.
    • Saturday Aerobic Resistance
      • This workout was started with no expectations, but 15km @ 90% GP was in the back of my head.
        The first 5k was on a track, the next was uphill into the wind, at about 13k I decided I’d go for 20k.
        I think if the wind would not have shifted back to a headwind, I’d have hit 90% exactly. I’ll take 88%!

I’m quite happy with this week. I had a massage on Thursday and next Tuesday starts a once weekly foam rolling & lacrosse ball self massage class at yoga and pilates studio.

Sunday’s run was very encouraging. I have been on the ropes of even doing next weekend’s half marathon or not. Frankly I’ve not felt very fast lately. Running has been going well and I’m feeling good, but I’ve just felt slow. Doing a solo 12.5 miles at 88% of goal half marathon race pace makes me feel confident that I might be able to hit 100% of goal pace on race day. I did this exact workout before my 1:23 half on a bad day, last fall. Hopefully with a good day I’ll go sub 1:20!

  • While on the route, you can’t really tell you’re climbing or descending.