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I help plant-based people become the best runner they can without sacrificing family time, getting hurt, or hitting the wall.

What do you get from Coach Kyle?

Custom Schedule

Training should follow the runner, not the other way around. At the beginning of coaching, I'll learn all about your wellness journey - past, present, and future. We design training around your work, life, kids, education, weather, and more.

Strength & Mobility

A lack of appropriate (or any!) strength & mobility work is one of the most common problems I see, and one of the first changes you can expect in your training. Most of the routines are safe body weight videos where you follow along with me through the 10- 20 minute routine.


Investing in a coach is a fantastic way to bump up your motivation! A pre-written cookie-cutter plan that you downloaded for free doesn't care if you go for a run, skip it, that you teach spin classes 4x weekly, or that you're running too hard too often. I'm not a hard-ass, but I'm going to call you out when you need it.

Food & Diet

I've been plant-based since 2006, earned a degree in nutrition, and lost 80 pounds, so I have personal experience to help you make this dietary decision and answer questions. I'll work with you to dial in your habits and thoughts around both your general habitual diet, but also running specific fuel.

Balance & Understanding

After losing 80 total pounds & earning a degree in nutrition, plus working with hundreds of "regular" people like you and me who just want to feel better, get strong, be happy with their running, and do it in the most safe and sustainable way possible around their busy lives... I get it!

(and no asking where you get your protein from)

Hey, I'm Kyle

Through weighing 230 pounds at my heaviest and losing that weight, earning a degree in nutrition, completing ultra marathons and a couple sub-3 hour marathons and working 1 on 1 coaching hundreds of runners, I’ve been there.

Now I take my experiences with myself and my clients and help runners just like you get on a plan that follows them, not the other way around! 

I specialize in helping busy people fit smart training, easy to do strength work, and healthy heating + mindfulness habits around their lives. Training should be something that benefits you, not stresses you out!