Want to learn how to be your own running coach?

You've heard the Chinese proverb in the Bible that is actually credited to 19th C. English writer Anne Isabella Ritchie about giving a person a fish vs teaching them to fish. Let me be your personal running Jesus and teach you how to fish.

Most running coaches work with people for an extended period of time of 3 months to 3 years or longer.

While this can be super helpful, it may not be right for everyone.

This coaching model costs a lot of money over time and does not teach you how to a self-sufficient runner.

Other options are to perform an interview or fill out a questionnaire about yourself and receive a custom training schedule with "good luck". 

I do better than both with THE RUN UP!

Here, we work together for four weeks to instill great training habits within your schedule.

I teach you the mentalities I use with myself and my athletes to keep them consistently running and healthy.

We design a custom training plan based on your individual needs, schedule, abilities, and goals.

You begin consistent strength & mobility routines to lower your chances of injury.

You also receive lifetime access to my running lecture series where I've put together videos + resources that I want all of my clients to be aware of and know.

Together, we get you into the habits that will keep you running well into the future.

And of course, satisfaction guaranteed. Not only YOUR satisfaction, but also mine. I'll work with you to make sure you're happy with the end product, and I won't be satisfied until you are.

Who is this option for?

The RUN UP is for people who want to invest in their running, but don't want to be tied into recurring payments with a coach.

This option is for people who can invest $500 into kickstarting their run training. (sign up above)

These people don't necessarily need a huge amount of accountability or day by day / week by week personalization, but would like to work with a tutor for a short amount of time to learn best practices that they can then apply to their own training for years to come.

Who is this option NOT for?

If you require a great deal of accountability and guidance, than THE RUN UP option is not for you - because even a fully custom plan is not going to get you out the door when it's raining!

At $500, this is far cheaper than than a recurring long term coaching relationship like THE LONG HAUL, so if price is a consideration this is a good choice for a great benefit.

Brand new runners will benefit more from THE LONG HAUL to have more guidance as they start their running journey, but if you do not want a recurring payment with THE LONG HAUL, this onetime fee may be preferable.

Not quite ready for THE RUN UP?

Then the RUNDOWN interview + custom training plan is for you!

Need more accountability & personalization than The RUN UP?

Then the LONG HAUL may be more your fit!

If you do The RUN UP, the first month on the LONGHAUL is free!

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