With THE RUNDOWN, the training is built around YOUR needs.

You may have a $200 GPS

$100 shoes

$12 pairs of socks. 
Why diminish all of that with a cheap training plan that you got for free off the internet?!

We start with an interview where I take a look at your recent training. Next we talk about what's possibly lacking in your habits and what can be improved upon. We discuss your work / school / life schedule and how a bespoke plan can be built around it. 

After that you receive a 2-3 (or longer) month training schedule that is 100% unique to your needs.
This includes strength & mobility routines and instructions on how to modify the plan. If you train via heart rate, perceived effort, and/or pace zones, those will be included. You also receive lifetime access to my running lecture series where I've put together videos + resources that I want all of my clients to be aware of and know.

This is your investment, get it below for $100.

And of course, satisfaction guaranteed. Not only YOUR satisfaction, but also mine. I'll work with you to make sure you're happy with the end product, and I won't be satisfied until you are.

*This cost can be applied to any RUN UP within 6 months.

What others have to say about Coach Kyle:

Who is this option for?

You may have a goal event and desire a custom schedule for it or you simply want some sort of schedule for the off

season so you know what the heck you should be doing.

If cost is a factor, at $100 this is a great price compared to the more expensive options.

From a PFT to a ultra marathon to someone coming back from injury not wanting to make the same mistake(s) twice. 

If you simply want a bit of a training slap in the face to change things up from what you've been doing, at a reasonable price,

this is a great option for you

Get the RUNDOWN below!

Who is this option NOT for?

If you're a new runner and require more guidance than what even a custom training schedule can offer, I suggest THE RUNUP or even THE LONG HAUL so we can work closely together to get you training well from the start. If you require a great deal of accountability and guidance, than the RUNDOWN is also not for you - because even a fully custom plan is not going to get you out the door when it's snowing!

Just want the Lecture Series? Click here.

Want a bit more than a training rundown?

Then perhaps THE RUNUP is right for you!
Want full & continued accountability + personalization?

Then the LONG HAUL may be more your fit.

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