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It had been a long day and I was excited and couldn’t grasp that I was indeed winning the Lean Horse 100 race. I have such respect for that distance would never have believed that I would be in the position to accomplish this. My wife and father in law were cheering me on, somehow had a cow bell and I crossed the finish line. Later on, in the pictures and videos I could see that Kyle had moved over to let me have this moment on my own. What a classy move. Couldn’t have gotten to this point without his coaching and expertise though. Thanks Kyle!” –Marcel T


“I love working with Kyle because of his knowledge and passion for running. He takes the time to get to know you, your goals, and then puts together a plan to help you achieve them. The accountability of having a coach who wants me to succeed is really motivational. One of my recent attempts to be profound on Twitter was something like “You’re only as fast as you are when no one is looking. Unless you have a coach. Then someone is always looking.” Kyle helped me push past a marathon plateau – I had a rut of races where I couldn’t get back near a PR. With his guidance and motivation, I put up a new PR in my tenth marathon, a negative split at that. Kyle’s responsive and honest with his athletes. We’re on the same page about a lot of stuff, but he’ll let me know if something I want to try isn’t a good idea for me.”
Tad K

“I have found Coach Kyle to be very responsive to questions and concerns. His training plans are very well thought out and tailored to specific goals as well as maintaining some fluidity based on my feedback. My training plans also include strength training exercises which have helped keep me injury free. In this short period I have qualified for Boston. It was the fastest marathon I have ever run, qualifying 14 minutes faster than my qualifying time and was the strongest I have ever felt in the end miles of a marathon. I attribute that totally to Coach Kyle’s training.”
Kris B


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“I’ve always been the kind of runner who thought I had to do more to get better. After running my first marathon and jumping back into my regular running routine too soon, I ended up putting myself out with a couple of injuries. When one thing healed another would pop up, and I knew I needed help. Asking Kyle to be my coach has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my running. He’s helped reign me in, and taught me how recovery is just as much a part of training as running is. He’s never given up on me, and continued to coach me through ITBS and even a stress fracture. For me, it has been invaluable to have someone in my corner when it seems like running again is hopeless, and who continues to coach me even when I can’t run. Kyle never gave up on me, and always found me an alternative. If I couldn’t run, there was always the bike or elliptical, along with strength work. He has pushed me in ways I never would have myself and made me realize I’m capable of more than I ever thought I was. Most important of all, though, Kyle has given me the tools to be a healthy runner for life.”
Joanne De Luca

“For the past few years my goal has been a sub 3 hour marathon. As I began getting older my times kept getting a bit slower and farther from that goal. Before training with Kyle I was looking for ways to improve my time but with no luck. Since we started working together the training sessions have lead to better results and shown that I still have plenty of room for improvement. He’s been great at adjusting my training as needed and encouraging me when I periodically get off track. Without his coaching and advice I doubt I would have ever achieved my goal. Thanks Kyle!”
John K

“I have worked with Kyle for two years now. During that time, I have set a new personal best time for every distance from a mile to a marathon. I have qualified for Boston twice under his guidance. Most importantly, I have stayed injury free and missed very few days of training, thanks to Kyle knowing when to hold me back, or push me forward. I am anxious to see what the future holds as I try new distances and push myself toward more difficult goals. With Kyle’s direction, I feel I can reach any goal I set for myself.”
Jeremy S

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“Working with Kyle has been such a fantastic experience! He’s responsive, fun to work with and so knowledgeable. I’ve learned so much about myself and running that I can’t wait to see what the next week’s workouts look like! We all have busy lives and as a working mom, it’s been wonderful not to have to plan workouts too! All I have to do is schedule that time into my day and the rest is waiting for me! The bonus? I’m improving my pace, running injury free and enjoying every minute of it! Thanks Kyle!”
Erika E

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“Coach Kyle helped me achieve my goals at the Portland Marathon. His training plans were structured, but not completely rigid; he made on-the-fly changes to my training schedule depending on my business workload, travel schedule or illness. I was mentally and physically confident going into the race, which is the first time for me. He was responsive to all my communications and addressed all of my questions, comments and concerns in a very timely manner.”
Philip W

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“Kyle’s coaching has helped me accomplish goals I never even dreamed of when I started running. I was never in XC or track, so Kyle’s structured workouts (running and strength) are instrumental in keeping me motivated and accountable through the coldest winter mornings and hottest summer days. Even with my hectic travel and work schedule, he’s always rearranging workouts to ensure I get in strength conditioning and key training runs to keep me healthy and on track.”
Miles T

“Hi everybody! My name is Philip. I am from that distant overseas and known to a relatively few country named Ukraine. I got acquainted with the bespoke, and I must say – very client-oriented, running coach Kyle Kranz on Facebook via one of our common online friends who had introduced me to my future coach. Before that time I knew nothing about a non-in-person online coaching, moreover I thought such a process as guiding someone through all intricacies of training to become a well-competitive runner athlete is fairly impossible. What did coach Kranz – showed me right the opposite and proved that if a coach possesses a competent expertise in the subject, which my coach definitely does, one, with efforts equally exerted by both, can become a success and attain his/her goals! And that’s great! Distance is not an obstacle here! That’s my strong point I deeply believe in now thanks to our cooperation with Kyle Kranz.

More to say, my vocation is philology. And I used to report and express my thoughts extensively 🙂 What I am especially grateful to my coach for is his patience and ability to always hear me, listen to me attentively and understand me. He never said me I am saying too much. Even more: he always emphasizes that too much (of a workout comment, note, report etc.) is better than not enough. I believe this is very wise statement. We’ve been already cooperating together for a full year period and he is always so close to me, despite the large physical distance, ready to help, to provide and customize the best and most optimal training plans for me, to guide me through not only running specific training, but also through some ancillary work that is, I now believe thanks to our work together, is so much important for a successful runner seeking not only wins in various races (from 1K to a marathon), but also a substantial longevity in sports. His workout prescriptions are always structure and system. And truly, in my opion too, these two are key and crucial to the successful result.

I am limited in sizing, but what I must mention without fail, is that throughout the entire year of my intensive training (successful 10K with good PB, a half-marathon and now I am a few steps from achieving one of my life dreams – completing a full marathon: I am sharp, I am powerful, I am fast, I am confident, heck, I am ready!!!) I had NO injuries at all! For this I owe it to my coach who is always there ready to objectively assess my efforts and prescribe a workout which is never going to lead to an injury or overtraining! That’s the job!

In the end, I need also to say that actually we don’t even need any Skype sessions so much. Text mailing and communication via social media turns out to be quite enough for two to establish a brilliantly effective cooperation to the benefit of both of us!

Yours truly,”

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