Best Supplements for Runners?

For some of these, especially the multi-vitamin, I only take a partial serving. Due to the certifications and high standards that Thorne subscribes to they are not cheap. Taking a partial serving helps them be a bit more economically viable for me. I also figure that a partial serving of one of the best supplements is better than a full serving of some low grade and low standard Walmart supplement!

AM/PM Multivitamin.

Vitamin D

Amino Acids

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Sheena Panoncillo - March 3, 2017

Great video! Do you supplement during a long run? If so, what do you use for fuel with long runs, and do you use time or distance to decide when to fuel?

    Kyle - March 3, 2017


    During long runs I’ll typically drink to thirst and take in 100-200 calories hourly. For a two hour run it may be a bagel pre-run and a gel (100 cals) at fourty five and 90 minutes.

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