Optimizing Your Sleep

Sleep is crucial to…everything!

Your work, your athletics, your mood, your health. Even how well you drive is impacted by how well you sleep. 

Below you’ll discover how I best optimize my sleep, some of my favorite sleep articles, and a great infograph from Casper 🙂

Fave articles:

The Science of Sleep: A Brief Guide on How to Sleep Better Every Night | James Clear | “Sleep is one of the strangest things we do each day.

Why Do We Sleep Under Blankets, Even on the Hottest Nights? | “Atlas Obscura | “And yet I was unable to sleep without some sort of covering. In this case it was the barest edge of my lightest sheet, touching the smallest possible part of my torso.”


Kyle is a running coach who works with people all over the world to help them run more consistently & be resilient to injury.

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