Runners! You must know how to fall.

As someone who runs in the winter over snow/ice and who does plenty of trail running, falling is a risk that comes with the game.

Knowing how to fall can be an important skill to lower your injury risk!

In the below video I discuss a few points:

  1. Don’t try to stop a fall by putting your arms straight out.
    1. This is going to trash your palms, potentially hurt your wrists/elbows, and have you face-planting.
  2. Instead, land with bent elbows under your body, tuck and roll.
    1. Talk to any experienced martial artist or skateboarder – they know how to hit the ground!

Kyle is a running coach who works with people all over the world to help them run more consistently & be resilient to injury.

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Tad Kardis - January 6, 2017

So true! Just did one of these a few days ago. I caught a toe on uneven pavement segments. Sometimes a stumble forward is recoverable, but I couldn’t pull this one out on my feet. Your instinct is hands-out, but once I reeled in my reflexes, I transitioned from a face plant position to a side roll / somersault. Soccer teaches you how to fall also!

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