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Bespoke 3-5 Month Training Plan

I was hesitant about doing this because it's far less effective than the 1 on 1 coaching I do, but due to popular request I've created an entry-entry level plan that is simply a training plan designed around your history, work/life schedule, personal best race times, training abilities, etc etc. You may purchase this option here!

This is far better than a cookie-cutter plan downloaded from the internet that does not take YOU into consideration, however it's of course lacking much of the benefits of investing in a coach, such as accountability, more plan customization, nutrition strategy, race strategy, and me being available for discussions and check ins. However if you simply want the long-term plan, this is a nice option.

Other coaches charge $150+ for this and follow ups require booking new consultations that cost additional money. I charge a third of this and don't mind if you email me to ask questions about the program.

Strength & Mobility Accountability Plan

This is purely accountability for helping you do daily, consistent, and frequent general strength and mobility routines (GSM). You can find most of the routines at that hyperlink and if you think you can do make yourself do them on your own with no accountability, you’re more self-committed than I am.

With this plan, I do not work with your running. You’re on your own with that (or you need up upgrade!). With this plan, I’ll schedule you daily general strength & mobility routines that work around your running/life/edu/work time availabilities. Most importantly, the accountability to do these daily routines will be there! I’ll expect you to log the time duration it takes you do complete the routines (2-20 minutes daily) and I’ll check up on you if I see you not executing. Doing consistent GSM makes you a stronger and more injury-resilient athlete. Paying me to prescribe you the routines and having me expect you to do them is incredible for accountability.

Entry Level Plan

This option is for those who simply desire someone so tell them what to run and when to rest. The running and strength schedule is updated once monthly and 100% based on your unique work+life schedule, fitness level, and goals. This plan has limited contact with me.

It is like downloading a pre-written cookie cutter running schedule, except it’s updated each month based on your work/life/education schedule, your unique fitness abilities, needs, etc. It includes regular check ins and is built for your specific needs, but lacks the Facetime with me and more intensive accountability that comes with the Standard Plan, below.

This plan is for two types of runners.

  1. The self-sufficient runner who simply desires a bespoke training plan.
  2. A runner who perhaps requires the least expensive running plan.

Standard Plan

I only work with ~20 clients at a time on this standard plan and about the same amount on the above entry level plan. Coaching is my primary focus, I'm not coaching as a side job...this is what I do. I'm focused first on my athletes. As best I can I get to know each client of mine so I can best help them reach their goals.

This plan is slightly upgraded from the entry level option as you get a more custom schedule that’s updated more frequently, I monitor your training updates daily as they come in while providing feedback/thoughts along the way, I will modify the schedule on the fly if a run is skipped or the week needs to be shifted around, and you have the option for a monthly video call.

  • Initial Assessment Detailing Your Running History, Current Training, Goals, etc
  • Goal Setting & Designing the Training towards an End Result
  • Personalized Training Designed with your Schedule in Mind
  • Training created and customized biweekly based on how you are feeling and running
  • Detailed pre-race planning and post-race consultation
  • Fitness testing to plan racing and training goals
  • General Nutrition Consultation for Training and Races
  • Daily plan adjustments and customization
  • Communication via Email, Text, or Messenger at any time
  • Guidance on Warming Up, Cooling Down, Drills, Gym Work, etc
  • Ability to Modify Future Training at any time.

Premium Plan

My premium plan is for highly motivated runners who have the money, time, and desire to give their running the focus and energy to truly become the best runner they can be. You don’t have to have the running times of an elite runner, but you’re going to come darn close to having the training habits of one!

With this plan you get all of the above from the Standard Plan as well as more accountability from both of us. That means you’ll have to do some work as well. We’re talking about frequent check-ins with me, diet logging, weight tracking, weekly video or phone calls. We’re really going to get to know each other. If you want me to, I’ll call you at 5am to make sure you get up to run.

Plans range from $25 to $400 monthly investments. If you’re not sure which plan is best for you, you can select the “I’m not sure” option in the application or contact me to chat further!

If you know which plan is right for you, please fill out this questionnaire below. I typically recommend the Standard Plan as it's the most well rounded in regards to customized the plan is, check in frequency, etc. You may select that you’re not sure which plan is ideal and we can chat about it as well. This will give me most of the details about your history and current details to begin working with you. Once you submit, I’ll reply back with further questions and comments!


Kyle is a running coach who works with people all over the world to help them run more consistently & be resilient to injury.

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