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Reed Rombough - November 30, 2017

Hey Kyle, Reed here.

ITBS has been absent for a few months now. Just starting to ease back into mountain activities (rock, snow, ice climbing and skiing) as well as cycling. Hoping to start running in the coming weeks. Mid December is the registration for my planned 100miler for next November. I’m also registered to run the Gasparilla Michelob Ultra Challenge in February. And my bike tour starts Feb 15. That being said. I think I’m going to use the Christmas comic at to start training (I know it’s late for Gasparilla but I don’t have soeedgoals for that, just finishing painless would be a win). Was just curious if you thought the standard plan was best moving forward for the 100 miler and if you think you’ll be able to work with me even though I’ll be on a bike for three months and in Africa for a month before the 100miler.


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