Key Workouts

Below are some key workouts I performed leading up to various races. This is both for your interest and for my logging and tracking purposes. Keeping a log is nice, but using a log is better. It’s very handy to be able to look back on old workouts and see my paces improve and progress.

August 11  | Aerobic Power, 2k reps | ez2.7, 2x2k in 8:18 avg (6:40 mile pace) + 400m jog, cooldown.

August 6 | Aerobic Resistance | wu, 13@7:41, cd. Nice easy run.

August 3
| Aerobic Power | warm up, 2 x 12:00 moderate/hard + 3:00 jog, cooldown. Not a good run, I simply could not get the legs going! I did the 12-minute segments in a boring 6:50 pace. It's too bad I felt so dull since the temp was nearly chilly!

Aug 1 | Strength Endurance | warm up, 9 x 90 second hard uphill + jogback, cool down.

July 30 | Aerobic Resistance | warmup, 13@ a comfortable 7:53 pace, cooldown. Good run, I'm pleased with the pace for the low effort!

July 27 | Aerobic Power | EZ3, strides. 4 x 1.2k @ 6:33 pace + 200m jog. EZ3 cooldown. It was a cool 77*F late morning run, I felt pretty blah and really could not generate much power 


May 31 | Race Pace | Goal was 2@MP(6:50), 1@HMP(6:20), 3@6:50. Ran 6:32 avg for the 6 and it felt super comfortable and like I was holding back a bit the entire time.

May 27 | Long Progression | EZ12, felt sluuuugish! + MOD/HARD4 @ 6:30 pace, yeah buddy!

May 24 | Race Pace | wu, 5@6:16 on the track, cd. Very pleased with this workout at a nice comfy effort!

May 20 | Aerobic Power | wu, 1, 2, & 3 miles @ 6:23 pace average with 400, 800, & 1200m jog recoveries, cd. Meh, would have liked to have gone faster but wasn’t feeling like running hard.

May 16 | Aerobic Resistance | EZ2+MOD17, 7:44 overall pace. I’ll take it, not a hard effort at all.

May 13 | Mixed Intensity Special Fatigue Resistance | wu, 3 x ((4x400m @1:22+1:00 rest)+1:00rest)+1.5@6:12, cd. Good run!

May 10 | Aerobic Power | wu, 5x1mi @ 6:06 avg + 400m recovery, cd. Good good.

May 6 | 5k Race | wu, 5k in ~18:30, cd. Very pleased with this solo effort in 75+ temps!

May 3 | Aerobic Power | wu, 3@6:26, EZ1, 3×1@6:26+1:00 rest, 3@6:26, cd. I’m happy with this! Would have LOVEd 6:20 pace, but whatevs!

April 31 | Aerobic Power | wu, 5 x (4x400m @1:28 avg +200m jog), cd. Meh

April 26 | Aerobic Power | wu, 4x1mi @ 5:53 + 2:00 rest on bike path, cd. Considering the splits of the track mile reps I did later on in May, I don’t think these splits were accurate!

Week of April 17, sprained arch. No workouts.

April12 | Long Ass Day | AM EZ 16, no energy, felt horrible. PM 4x1mi @ MGP (6:50) with group. Felt good in the PM!

April 6 | Tempo Run | wu, 3@6:18 pace going up and then down the blvd, cd

April 3 | Aerobic Resistance | EZ1 + 17 mod @ 7:06 pace

March 31 | Track Workout | wu, 20 x 300@1:00 + 200m jog, cd

March 25 | Aerobic Resistance | EZ1 + 15 mod/med/hard @ 6:49 pace

March 18 | Aerobic Resistance | EZ1, 13@7:04 pace, EZ1. Beautiful day!

March 15 | Fartlek | EZ 5-7 with 5 x 2:00 hard

March 11 | Aerobic Resistance | 12@7:28 pace, not a good run. It was very cold and I had a headache.

March 8 | Fartlek | EZ5-7 with 4 x 2:00 hard

March 4, 2015 | Aerobic Resistance | EZ1, 9@7:01 pace with the final .5 hard uphill into the wind.

March 1 | Fartlek | EZ 5-7 with 3 x 2:00 hard


With training throughout the winter for the Austin Half I did many of my workouts by perceived effort since I was unable to do them well due to snow/ice/slush on the paths, no track, and often wearing many pounds of winter clothing! So, many of the workouts below leading up to Austin do not have splits.

See the race report here!

Feb 12, Long Progression
Didn’t track anything but felt fantastic during and after! Seriously, this is some of the best I’ve felt during and the rest of the day after a long run. Taper is working?!?

Feb 9, Tempo
wu, HARD5, cd
Good run averaging between HMP & MP. Faster for 5 straight than I did for 6×1 earlier, so that’s a great sign that I’m getting my fitness back from being sick! Ideally I would have done 6:20 for this but I’ll have to settle for 6:38 after being sick.

Feb 4, Aerobvic Power
wu, 6x1mi hard + 400m jog.
Horrible run. I’ve been sick for a bit over a week. Still getting EZ running in but this was the first workout and I couldn’t even do MP for 6x1mi! Felt ok, just no snap.

Jan 31, Aerobic Resistance
EZ19, 4x up Skyline. Good run!

Jan 25, Eccentric Hill Reps

EZ2, 10x800m on a downhill + 300m easy up, EZ2
Took rest of week light due to squiggly left calf.

Jan 22, Aerobic Resistance

Jan 19, Aerobic Power
EZ2, HARD3, 3x1mi hard + 1:00 walk, HARD3, EZ2
Hard miles were at an average of 6:25 pace. (98.7%HMP)

Jan 16, Eccentric Hill Reps
EZ2, 4 x ((5x400m hard downhill + 200m easy up)+400m uphill jog)

Jan 13, Aerobic Resistance

Jan 9, 2017 – Mixed Intensity Special Fatigue Resistance
EZ2, HARD4, EZ2, 4×2:00 hard downhill + 1:00 easy up, EZ2

Jan 6, 2017 – Aerobic Resistance

Dec 31, 2016
EZ4 to group run, EZ8-10? with group, EZ4 at marathon pace back home (6:50)

Dec 27, Aerobic Power
EZ2, HARD3, EZ1, 2 miles of 1:00 hard + 1:00 easy, EZ2

Dec 24, 2016
EZ2, 15 x 1k@98% HMP + 1:00 jog, EZ2 (final uphill km @ 98% HMP for good measure)
Did this on the bikepath, nice workout!

Dec 21, Progression

Dec 18, 2016
EZ2, 6@6:45 pace, EZ2
Very pleased with this. Temp was about 15 degrees? Bike path was generally clean. The effort was “comfortably tough”.

Dec 15, 2016
Ez2, 3@7:10 pace on fresh bike path snow, EZ2
Very pleased with MP+:20 on the bike path with some snow on it!

Dec 12, 2016
Aerobic Resistance
18.3@7:32 pace. Felt brisk, not terribly “hard” until the last quarter.

Dec 9, 2016
EZ2, 5mi of 1:00 hard + 1:00 easy, EZ2

Dec 6, 2016
Marathon Pace
EZ2, 6@6:53, EZ2.5

Dec 3, 2016
Long Progression
EZ10, 4@sub8, 2@sub7

Nov 30, 2016
Downhill Accelerations
wu, 6mi of 2:00 hard downhill + 2:00 easy uphill, cd

November 23, 2016
Downhill Accelerations
wu, 3mi of 2:00 hard downhill + 2:00 easy up, cd

Training for The Good Life Halfsy

Four Weeks After Crazy Horse / Week of Halfsy

Wednesday: wu, 4@ goal pace, cd.
Nice run. I progressed from a 6:20 to a 6:00 over the four miles.

Sunday: Race! 1:23:30.
Not quite as fast as I wanted, I was hoping for a PR with a 1:23:10 or faster, but I’ll take it!

Three Weeks After Crazy Horse / Two to Halfsy

Thursday: wu, 5x1k @ 5:55 mile pace with 600 jog recovery, cd
Again I did this slightly faster than I did four weeks prior.

Sun: wu, 5k @ best effort, cd
New 5k PR of 18:25. I’ve ran faster a couple times but this is the only one where I actually trust the course distance. I have a 17:40 on my Athlinks but I honestly think there’s no way I ran that on a true 5k distance over the hills on that course.

Two Weeks After Crazy Horse / Three to Halfsy

Thursday: EZ2, 2 x (8x400m hard with 60sec full rest) 3:00 jog between sets
Great run, I ran these at a 1:20 average, slightly faster than I did four weeks prior with Nic.

Sunday, wu, 2x2mi @ 6:15 pace with 60sec rest between, cd
Again, right on. I was only hoping for 6:20 but felt well enough that 6:15 naturally happened.

One Week After Crazy Horse / Four to Halfsy

Sunday, October 16. 2016
Leg Test, goal: 2 @ goal half pace (6:20 pace)
Executed: EZ2, 2 @ 6:13, EZ2
I’m very happy with this run! I was just going to try one or two at goal pace and see how it felt. I held back for the first and still ran a 6:10 or so, since the goal was not to run faster than goal pace 😉

Race Report!

Week of the race!

Prescribed: Oct 5, 2016: Tempo Progression: wu, 4 miles going from 6:30 to 6:00, cd
Executed: wu, 4@ 6:11 pace, cd. The first 6:18 mile felt like a jog and I progressed well from there. Very happy with this run!

2 Weeks Out

Sharpening – Sep 27, 2016
Prescribed: wu, 4 x 1k @ 5k pace (3:40km) + 600m jog, cd
Executed: Nailed it 🙂 Nice cool morning at the track.

Lactic Threshold, Sep 30, 2016
Prescribed: EZ2 wu, 2 x 3mile @ 6:20 (half goal pace) with 3:00 rest between reps, cd
Executed: Yeah buddy, totally nailed it. I got to three miles and didn’t even want to be bothered with the 3:00 rest so just ran through. Averaged a very comfortable 6:19 pace. It’s workouts like this that make me believe in a PR!

3 Weeks Out

V02 Max – Sep 24, 2016
Prescribed: wu, 4 x 2 @ 6:10 pace with 2:00 rest between reps, cd
Executed: I was forced to do this in my neighborhood since no tracks were free. The 2 mile loops I did had 117ft of ascent and descent, so the loops were about 12 seconds slow if you use Jack Daniels’ formula or only 4 seconds slow if you use the Strava GAP. But anyway, I’m super happy with a 6:28 pace with 117ft of climbing per loop! This was only 6 seconds slower average than when I did this workout on the track a few weeks ago and only 2 seconds slower per mile than when I did 6x1mi 7 weeks earlier!

4 Weeks Out

400’s – Sept 13, 2016
wu, 8 x 400m @ an “easy” 1:27avg with 1:00 standing rest. 3:00 rest.
8 x 400m @ a harder 1:20avg with 1:00 standing rest. cool down.
Very very happy with this track session. I went in to it a bit fatigued due to 26 miles in the previous two days but was able to run a very nice workout.

Time Trial – Sept 17, 2016
wu, 5k at best effort, cool down. Soloed a 19:15 or so 5k race. The course was more difficult than I expected it to be and the temps were in the 70’s. I was hoping to have some competition but won by a few minutes. I did a 18:40 earlier this spring but it was on a cooler morning and flatter course, so I consider this a good run!

5 Weeks Out

Aerobic Power – Sept 7, 2016
Prescribed: wu, 8x1k@5kpace+90jog, cd
Executed: wu, 8 x 1k @ 3:38avg (perfect) with Nick at Sioux Park on a fairly warm day. It was nice having some company. The first four were fairly easy and the final four were a bit tougher.

Sept 9 – Specific Endurance
Prescribed: wu, 10 @ marathon pace, cd
Executed: wu, 10 @ 6:50, cd. Fantastic run, I averaged sub 7 going out for the first time on this route!

6 Weeks Out

Progression – September 4, 2016
Prescribed: EZ12 + 3 miles at goal marathon pace (6:50)
Executed: Nice 12 miles on the Mickelson trail and the final three were done well at marathon pace!

Specific Endurance – Sept 2, 2016
Prescribed: wu, 4 x 2 miles at slightly faster than goal half pace, cd
Executed: Not the best week leading up to this. Sore for days after Monday’s strength session and my 9 mile loop on Wed ended up being 11.5 and I was already tired/sore before starting. I was happy with hitting 6:22 average instead of the 6:10 I was hoping to run.

7 Weeks Out

Tempo – August 24, 2016
Prescribed: wu, 10 @ marathon goal pace (6:50), cd
I averaged 6:56 for these 10. The western headwind going out and uphill was fairly strong and that really slowed me down. I may have even had a headwind for a mile of the return trip. But I’m still quite happy with this workout!

8 Weeks Out

Aerobic Resistance – August 21, 2016
Prescribed: EZ13+2@MGP
I kept feeling like I was holding back, yet I kept cranking out sub 8’s for those 13 miles. The sub 7 at the end was definitely harder, but I nailed it.

Lactic Resistance – August 19, 2016
Prescribed: wu, 10×2:00 hard+1:00 float, cd
Nice run, averaged sub 7 for those 4, which was very surprising!

Aerobic Power – August 17, 2016
Prescribed: 8x1k @ 3:26 pace (5kpace) + 200m jog, cd
Not a good run. Stomach felt bad and I just could not get up to speed. I moved from the track after a couple of horrible 1k attempts and just did them on the road w/o looking at my splits.

9 Weeks out

Strength Endurance – August 12, 2016
Prescribed: wu, 10×2:00 hard uphill with jogback recovery, cd
Nice workout on Skyline!

Aerobic Power – August 10, 2016
Prescribed: wu, 6 x 1mi in the 6:20’s with 1:30 rest, cd
Nice 10pm run on the dark track. It was cool and on the humid side. I averaged about 6:26 for the six mile reps!

10 Weeks Out

Aerobic Resistance – August 7, 2016
Prescribed: EZ15+2@MGP
This didn’t go exactly as planned. I ran the first few with Desi on the Mickelson trail (right on the race course) and then did a few extra going out solo. I turned around and cranked out a few fast miles, slowed down a bit after that when I got to her, and then did the final 1.5 at MGP.

Tempo – August 5, 2016
Prescribed: wu, 8@MGP, cd
Nice cool morning on the bike path. I ran out at about a 7:15 pace with a slight uphill headwind and back at a 6:33 average. I was not quite at my goal pace of a 6:50 average so ran a bit more to bring it down 😉 My effort felt good the entire time: Hard but controlled.

Mechanical Speedwork – August 3, 2016
wu, 2 x (8x400m hard with 1:00 rest) 3:00 between sets, cd
Did this at 6am at Sioux Park. 70-73 degrees solo run.
Averaged about 1:23 for all the 400’s. Leg’s felt sluggish.

11 Weeks Out

July 29, 2016
wu, 3@6:30, 3:00 rest, 2@6:30, 2:00 rest, 1@best effort, cd
Best workout I’ve had so far this year! Averaged 6:24 for all of the mile reps, felt hard but “comfortable” at Sioux Park in 72 degree temps with full sun. Desi cheering 🙂

July 27, 2016
wu, 10×600 hard + 300 jog, cd
Tough run, barely did these 600’s at the same pace as the recent 800’s. Felt tired during last night’s EZ5. 2:15ish avg.

12 Weeks Out

July 22, 2016
wu, 6x300m in 1:02 avg with 200m jog recovery, cd
Nice short track workout in the morning at Sioux Park. I took the first few a bit easy and ran 1:00 flat for the last couple, so probably could have averaged closer to 6:00 if I would have pushed it a bit more or been in a group setting.

July 20, 2016
wu, 8x800m in 2:58-3:00 with 400m jog, cd
Warmish morning at Sioux park. Did this with George who was running them in about 3:12-3:18. Felt comfortable, it was pretty humid and our shirts were soaked by the 4th rep.

13 Weeks Out

July 14, 2016
wu, 10x200m in :41-:42 seconds with 200m jog, cd
Morning run at Mines track, comfortable all around.

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