How to Safely Run Streak

Run streaking is when you give yourself a goal to do a certain distance daily for a certain duration of days.

Common examples are running 1 mile daily for as long as possible, a 5k distance daily for a month, or ten miles daily for ten days.

When performing such a task, the key consideration is that you must give your body easy days to catch up on regeneration since during a streak the idea is to not take any full rest days. You can do this by properly running at an easy conversational pace.

Another trick is to run two runs close together {such as Monday evening then Tuesday morning) then run the next run during the next day’s evening (Wednesday evening for example) to give your body the longest possible time to recover between runs.

Note: I’ll even do that before hard workouts when not run streaking!

When running very consistently, nutrition is also key since you’ll be not taking full rest days. Aim for adequate daily calories first, secondly be mindful of eating some protein and carbs within 30-60 minutes of your runs.

Run streaks are great tools to help a person get into the habit of running consistently, it just takes a little extra effort to make it work well 🙂


Kyle is a running coach who works with people all over the world to help them run more consistently & be resilient to injury.

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