How to Easily Convert Run Training to Cross Training


One of the biggest mistakes people make when taking a period of rest from running due to injury is NOT cross-training.

With cycling, rowing, swimming, water running, or the elliptical, you can preserve a great deal of running fitness while at the same time letting the injury heal.

For runners on a training plan, the simplest method is to simply continue their plan or routine while converting running minutes to cross-training minutes. Below is a sample running week.

M: EZ4 (miles)

T: EZ8 with strides

W: EZ4 T: EZ3, MOD3, EZ2

F: EZ4 with strides


S: Rest

Now if you know your average training pace is roughly 9 minutes per mile, simply take 9 or 10 minutes for every mile and do that on the bike or the elliptical. It would look like this, numbers slightly rounded:

M: EZ40 (minutes)

T: EZ80 minutes with accelerations

W: EZ40

T: EZ30, MOD30, EZ20

F: EZ40

S: EZ100+HARD20

S: Rest

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Kyle is a running coach who works with people all over the world to help them run more consistently & be resilient to injury.

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