First off, I’d like to remind you that there is no “best” piece of gear. There is only “most optimal” for the individual, and the most optimal piece of gear can change based on the weather, run distance, fatigue level, etc.

The below items are what I use most often throughout the week. Asking people for the gear they use is a great place to start when looking for options for yourself.

I am not an ambassador or employee for any brand. Every piece of gear I use, I use because it’s the best for me. The below links are Amazon affiliate links and all proceeds help support this website’s hosting costs. Even if you don’t buy the item, if you go through one of my affiliate URLs and make an amazon purchase a very small % comes back to me 🙂

While I often run without any electronics if I do wear a GPS watch it’s typically the Soleus Turbo.

Soleus Turbo

For track workouts I don’t use a GPS but a stopwatch. In most cases I’ll wear the Soleus Chicked. While it’s technically a womens watch I wear it because it’s the lightest watch Soleus makes. If you want something a bit larger (with a larger screen) check out the Dash.

Soleus Chicked

I have a number of running belts but I always find that if the SPI Belt is available, I go for that one! It’s weather resistant, adjustable, and holds my iPhone+gels quite well.

Badger Balm sore muscle spread with cayenne and ginger. I’ll rub this on specific areas that are extra sore. Almost never will I put it on a full muscle group, but if I have a small quarter or dollar coin sized spot that’s more sore than it should be, I’ll rub this on it.

Badger Balm

BOA shorts are light, fairly well priced, and if you’re looking to stand out they have some fairly bright options. I have larger thighs so the split shorts are my favorite.


Eagle Creek makes some killer luggage and gear holders! I have the large bag below as well as a few smaller Sport series bags.

Eagle Creek

These are the only socks I purchase! My toes sit fairly close together and having them individually protected helps prevent blisters forming between the toes. They also stay cooler since having more sock surface area on my feet helps wick moisture better.

Injinji Toe Socks

Tenacious Tape is super easy, inexpensive, and strong tape to repair technical apparel.

Tenacious Tape from Gear Aid


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