Best Articles on: Hydration/Dehydration

Below are a few articles I’ve come across on the subject of hydration/dehydration that really caught my eye! Hope you enjoy and if you have any other resources, please comment below!

Mild Dehydration Won’t Slow You Down | Alex Hutchinson at Sweat Science | “The key is to understand the difference between dehydration, the physiological state of having lost fluid, and thirst, the desire to drink.”

Dangerous Exercise: The Hype of Dehydration & Heat Stroke | Ross Tucker at The Science of Sport | “Supposedly, as little as 2% dehydration impairs performance by 10%, which is amusing because when the world’s elite marathon runners finish in 2:05, they have lost at least 2% body weight, which means they’re running two minutes slower than they would’ve done had they listened to many Gatorade advertisements and scientists sponsored to tell this “truth”.”

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Just Because You Sweat Does Not Mean You’re Dehydrated | Alex Hutchinson at Sweat Science | “That’s because weight loss doesn’t necessarily correspond to water loss.”


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