First, let's get a few things straight.

You're here because you need help.
Maybe you found me through social media, a friend sent you my way, or you happened upon my site through an internet search. However you got here, welcome! 
If you're on this page, you're thinking, "gosh, having a running coach to make sure I don't f*up my running would be great" and yes, it is great.
But here's what I'm worried you're going to do.
You're going to hit the emergency break and not follow through with your wants.

I talk a lot having empathy with your future self. You know that your future self (a faster, healthier or uninjured self) will be glad you made a decision to invest in your running.

On the other hand, if you never make the choice to hire assistance with your running, you're never really going to know if you could have taken it to the next level, whatever that level or goal may be!
Instead of shoulda coulda woulda after you get hurt, give up, or blow up at mile 22, let's get started now!
I'm an online coach, that means I work with people all over the world of many abilities and places in life, from ex semi-pro cyclists, people training for a certain race distance for the first time, people coming back from injury, Boston qualifiers, to people just needing accountability or to be told what the heck they should do for run training.
So, if you're sitting there with your hand on the emergency break, trying to decide to pull it or not, 
HTFU and get the deets right now before your anxiety makes you regret it.


Are you f*ing sick of getting hurt?
Did you miss that PR & you're not really sure what happened?
Do you have a crazy AF work schedule & you can't even?
The Run Down is the perfect opportunity to get your running habits on point and avoid training errors that can increase your chance of injuries. Here in THE RUN DOWN, I provide you with the step by step running schedule for your specific needs as well as lifetime access to my running lecture series, which is my collection of resources that I want all of my own athletes to know..
Take these ideas and run with them - or hire me to guide you through the process with THE RUN UP


Planning and knowledge eliminate the need to keep your fingers crossed. Unlike other coaches, this is a one time fee where I work with you for four weeks to teach you how to train in a healthy and sustainable way, on your own. If you want to be self-sufficient and have the knowledge on what needs to be done, this will get you there without being in a recurring payment plan.

In The Run Down I provided you with the template, with THE RUN UP I guide you through the process.

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I promise these will help you run faster at any race distance, in any conditions, on any terrain, regardless of your fitness level.