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Aaron Raney - January 10, 2017

Help- I follow you on instagram and I have a question.
I have the Houston half marathon this Sunday and I have all of the sudden developed Planter fasciitis over the last week!! I had my best time on a 10 k event just 9 days ago. So I thought I was already to go for the big event. Should I not run it and prepare for other things I have scheduled in April and the summer months? I’m super bummed. Everything I read says don’t run and let it heal or risk doing further damage.
I went to a massage therapist yesterday and she worked on it for a complete hour. Very painful but felt a lot better when I left. I’ve been stretching, icing, and I have taped it KT tape.
With all this being said, I am interested in some coaching because I want to become a better runner and prevent injury. I am 42 and live in Houston Texas.

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