2017 Deadwood Fast 5k & Half Marathon Race Recaps

Friday, June 2nd. 

This was the start of my summer travels!

On Friday I drove to Deadwood from Rapid City and stayed at The Lodge at Deadwood. If you're reading this because you're planning on running Deadwood and need a place to stay, The Lodge's location cannot be beaten. It's where the expo is, slightly out of town so it's lacking traffic noise, has a fantastic restaurant (good pancakes!), they do not put a checkout time on your reservation so you can go back to your room to clean up, and I recommend the fourth floor facing the sunrise!

I worked the info desk at the packet pickup. The primary questions were in regards to the buses, and it's pretty easy to manage! Another reason to stay at The Lodge is because you can simply walk out the front doors and get onto a bus for the start line. Other hotels or people coming from out of town that are not being dropped at the start must walk to, park at, or get dropped off at the rodeo grounds in Deadwood. Staying at the lodge is nice because I could sleep in few extra minutes because all I needed to do was walk out the front doors and onto the buses.

Nice view from the Lodge

ÔÇőSaturday, June 3rd. - Fast 5k

Going in to the 5k I was going to watch my splits at mile one and two. If I was not on pace to PR  with a sub 18:20, I would jog it in to save my legs for Sunday's half marathon. Well, I was hitting great splits and had a few people to chase, so dug deep within my suitcase of courage and got my first sub 18 5k!

This race is HOT. It starts at 1:30 or 2pm and was 75-80 degrees. It's a net downhill but on gravel, warm, and this day had a headwind - so I consider it a fair time. I ran 18:30 a couple months prior untapered, solo, and in similar temps. 

Signup and day of registration is at the finish of all three events. They bus the runners to the start, 5k up the Mickelson. The event staff were not super clear on when the start actually was. Myself and possibly a few others were still warming up on the road along the trail when the gun went off. I ran past the start and was about to loop around when I heard the gun. I saw a few people run by and I jumped up onto the trail and joined them. My chip time was 18:07 but I'll take my watch time ­čśë I should have been paying more attention.

If you're doing the half or full, I really suggest you take this opportunity and jog the 5k to become familiar with the final 5k of the half/full.

In the later afternoon / evening there is a runner social in Deadwood with free beer and munchies. It's free and nice to sit and chat with people, you should definitely take advantage of this.

Registration area & PR run!

Ice Bath & runner social after the 5k!

Sunday, June 4th - The Deadwood Mickelson Trail Half MarathonÔÇő - sub 1:23:10 goal

Like I said above, since I was at The Lodge at Deadwood I was able to simply walk out the front hotel doors and get on the bus to the start. Our bus driver was great and told people a bit about the area. 

For nutrition pre-race, I had a GoMacro bar upon waking, a Honey Singer Waffle when we got to the start, and a SIS gel right before the start. 

The course for this half is a net downhill with the climbing during the first mile and near the middle of the distance. Other than a super steep downhill midway, this old railroad path is super super gradual and slight elevation change. While it's a net downhill, the gravel certainly slows you and I consider this a fair course. If this was paved, like the half marathon in the nearby Spearfish Canyon, it would likely be one of the fastest half marathons in the country since it's such a perfectly slight downhill. 

I was really, really, sore during the warmup. I hoped it would work itself out but it never did, this was a tough run. From mile 3-6 my left hammy was not cramping, but really tight. Just not firing like it should, I could not get much power from it. I suspect the change in form from the change in elevation with the uphill and then super steep downhill helped the hammy since that changed how my leg muscles were activating. 

I ran a moderate effort for the first half, nothing straining (except for how my hamstring felt). I took the middle uphill fairly easy and then pushed it for the 5 to 3 miles. You can see half marathon splits below along with some play by play. The course looks really downhill but for most of it you can barely tell you're going down an incline, it's so slight that I tell people if they were blindfolded it would be difficult to tell. 

The morning

Post Race Runner Social

And a few race photos


-----For the 5k-----
S´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐oleus Chicked watch
Injinji Toe Socks
SKORA Tempo running shoes
Tracksmith Van Cortlandt Shorts & Singlet

-----For the half marathon-----
Soleus Chicked ´╗┐watch´╗┐
Injinji Toe ´╗┐Socks´╗┐
BOA ´╗┐Shorts´╗┐
SKORA Tempo running shoes
Immediately Pre-Race - Science in Sport ´╗┐Gel´╗┐
45-Minutes Pre-Race: Honey Stinger ´╗┐Waffle´╗┐
Breakfast - GoMacro ´╗┐Macrobar

01- 6:25
02 - 6:11
03 - 6:05
04 - 6:26
05 - 6:19 (6:17 avg so far) 
06 - 6:43 (uphill)
07 - 6:46 (uphill)
08 - 5:54
09 - 6:20
10 - 6:08
11 - 6:18 (6:19 avg thus far)
12 - 6:17 (I know this marker was off, so this mile was probably slower)
13 - 7:21 (and this mile was probably faster than 7:21)
Finished at 1:24:07. 11th place out of 1714 total finishers (10th male). 
6:25 avg. I can't believe I lost so much time over the final couple miles. I didn't feel like I slowed at all. It was also VERY demoralizing to go click the lap button at mile 12 and think I was on target to PR and then realize that it was so far off that mile 13 clocked in at a minute longer. But it's highly unlikely I could have made up that time had it been accurate, even.

I was 6 / 70 for the 5k and 11/1714 in the half. I'm always very pleased with a top 1% ­čÖé 

My ending thought for the half was that I'm happy with this time. I was sore for the entire ´╗┐13.1 miles´╗┐ from the 5k PR the day before and still ran my fastest time on this course out of three attempts ­čÖé I think this is my fourth ´╗┐´╗┐fastest´╗┐´╗┐ half marathon thus far. I don't think I've been so sore immediately after or had DOMS for so long (still sore a week later) after a non-ultra marathon race. Running 5k at best effort and then 13.1 miles at best effort in two consecutive days was a traumatic event for my muscles! 

I do regret not running another half, such as the Brookings Half Marathon, a few weeks before Deadwood. I think this fall I will target the Sept 10 Sioux Falls Half, recover, run the Oct 8 Crazy Horse Half Marathon, recovery, and run the Oct 29th Good Life Halfsy in Lincoln, NE. 


Kyle is a running coach who works with people all over the world to help them run more consistently & be resilient to injury.

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