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Testing Automatic Paypal Billing


Currently for the time being I’ve back dated this post so it does not appear at the top of my website. I put the limit at $100 so that’s the max you are able to be charged by me.

I’m hoping to convert all of my athletes to a biweekly payment schedule where I will take what I invoice monthly, divide it by two, and charge that every two weeks. I’m hoping this works well for people by spreading out the bill but also not requiring anyone to manually pay an invoice.

What I’ve Noticed While Running in Panama City, Panama


I’ve been living in Panama City, Panama, for the last few weeks and have noticed a lot of things while out running, that I thought I would share. 
  1. Almost no one runs between 9am and 6pm.
  2. Even though the heat index is 90 with 70% humidity, I still occasionally see people exercise outside in sauna suits.
  3. I’m confident every runner/walker within a mile of Parque Omar goes there to workout. Luckily, I’m living right next to it. There is another popular biking/running/walking path along the ocean where people go. I believe 90% of runners in the entire city will be at these two locations.
  4. That is because it is very very difficult to run on sidewalks. There are often cars parked on it and it’s more often than not very broken up and inconsistent – more like trail running than road running. It’s simply too difficult and dangerous to run on the road/sidewalk/among traffic
  5. I almost got hit by a giant parrot while running, yesterday.
  6. Navigating while out on the sidewalks/roads is very difficult because there are only street signs about half the time. Luckily my building is super tall so I can see it from far away (yes, I’ve gotten lost and just ran towards my building off in the distance to get back)
  7. Living for a month in the city here has made me extremely grateful for the Black Hill’s weather, easy trail access, and great roads/sidewalks nearly everywhere. We’re certainly lucky to live where we do! 


2015-04-21 06.04.58-2

It’s been too long since I’ve updated my website.

Many things have been going on, good things!

The primary reason for the lack of activity here is that SKORA launched our newest shoe, the TEMPO and that combined with me going to HQ in Seattle for a week and a half took up a lot of my time.

I’ll try to have more updates soon with the trip, probably a little race report from a 5k and some photos from town. But boy, do I love Seattle!!!

Engaging Muscles – Let’s Talk About Shoes

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 5.52.52 PM

The below is a quote from my friend Rick at Engaging Muscles. He is a wealth of knowledge about how the feet work.

Please re-read what he said and be mindful how his words. It’s important stuff.

I commented on this post this morning. I'm not sure if she deleted my comment or if it is waiting for approval. Here'…

Posted by Engaging Muscles on Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Diary #4


A happy diary is a daily log of something that gave me pleasure that day.

Doing this has been shown to increase mindfulness of what you are grateful for and to simply increase your daily happiness. Doing this daily for a month can literally change it’s structure. Journaling about the below moment of happiness earlier in the day lets me relive it again. This act also makes my brain better at recognizing moments of happiness when they come around the first time, as well!

Something that made me really happy yesterday that I want to note is how my job as a running coach lets me work with athletes from all over the world.

A man I just started working with this month mentioned something called a po’boy in his diet summary, and I had to google it! 

Turns out it just sounds like a sub sandwhich…

But, as he said,

“You’ve not lived until you’ve had a po’boy!!!!”

So, maybe there’s something extra special about it?!? Haha!

Log – Week of March 16

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 12.42.51 PM

So, that was some run! Uphill and into the wind all the way out.

I’ve not been into those trails since I lived just south of where the loop is, so it was nice to be back on those fireroads and trails!! It doesn’t look like it from the map above, but it’s quite into the forest.

Only 93 km this week. I think I’ve been running a bit too high of volume lately. Last year I averaged 55 miles per week, so I think I need to stick around 65 average for this year, and I’ve been more in the 70-75 mile range lately.

This level isn’t too high that I’m risking overtraining or feeling tired, but I do believe it is too high for me to be hitting my key workouts for my fitness goals. I’ll be moving back down to the 60-70 mile weekly range and see how it goes.

On one hand, I love running the higher mileage and high mileage is going to be good for me in the long run, but I don’t feel sacrificing my quality workouts is worth it.

I’ve decided to not do the Fargo Half Marathon, but I still have about two months until the Deadwood Half, so I’ll be targeting that event and  hoping fora  1:20!

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 10.44.37 AM


There is a right & wrong way to do social


This post is touching on another part of my life, being the Social Media Coordinator for SKORA Running.

I basically spend my days pursing the goal of adding value to peoples’ lives, either as SKORA or as myself. That’s how I hope promote SKORA.

On Instagram for example, I’ll often follow new people and comment on their cool photos, give them advice if their asking questions, or on our page profile share cool photos, good advice, etc. On all of our profiles, there is almost no actual marketing going on in the traditional sense.

Above you’ll see an example of spam.


If you have a personal brand or a business brand, this is not the way to go about promoting your brand. There is absolutely no value added to MyRunningDiary’s life by MagicTeaFit’s post. When SKORA gets these types of comments on our social, I delete them.

Rant over 😉

2 Jan, 2015 Key Workout: Long Hill Fartlek

photo 3 (2)


I moved this workout up a day because the weekend was going to be quite colder than the 2nd of January.

Actually, it ended up being about 40-50 degrees cooler depending on if I would have been in the wind or not on Saturday. I’m very glad I moved it up a day! As you can see I was quite comfortable in shorts and gloves.

The prescribed workout was a 1:40 of easy running and 20 minutes of hard and preferably uphill running. I often like to split the non-easy running up into segments. While I could quite easily find a 20 minute hill, I’ll break it up over the duration of the workout.

photo 1


The route was an out and back. I live at the bottom almost at the same elevation as Rapid Creek, so pretty low. It’s 5k of primarily climbing and then it leveled off for quite a while, then I ran back down.

When I break up the non-easy running, I’ll count steps (90/min) and that will give me an easy way to keep track of my HARD duration. I’ll pick up 5 little stones and drop one each minute that goes by. Every 5 minutes I pick up 5 more, it’s a simple way to keep track and it feels good to drop a stone/minute!

photo 2

There was one segment I wanted to attempt the KOM for, as I was in second place. I actually bested my time but about a minute, if I recall correctly!

For my general EZ running I never look at Strava segments, however they are very good motivation for when I need to run HARD.

Unfortunately there was also a fire SW of town and it appeared to be blowing directly towards Skyline Drive, where I was running. It may have been the cold+hard running (which has given me asthma in the past), the smoke, or a combination of both, but I had some difficulty breathing for the rest of the day.

Overall, a great run. I was honestly quite fatigued afterwards and for the rest of the day. It’s not terribly often that I run such a long duration in one go, since I’m so far out from the race. That along with the very hard uphill efforts really took a toll on me afterwards.

The day before I went to Scheels and used a gift card I was given to purchase some post workout amino acid blend. Scheels’ nutrition section is very very slim. Lots of single use items but very little larger bulk bottles. The one I purchased was not something I’ve heard of before, but it’s the official nutrition of the UFC, so you know it’s good. I walked around for quite a while but there was just no gear I needed, however 30 servings of this will last me a few months since I only take PWO drinks after the 1-2 hardest weekly workouts.

The weekend is nice and easy, I’ll end the week with 10 hours and maybe 110km. I’ve got regen runs, a few fartleks and  maybe a shorter progression before next Friday where I’ll try some half marathon GP running if the weather is cooperating!