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After three stagnant years…a PR!

Photo: Lynn Paulson

I could not have been more happy with yesterday’s run.
After a twisted ankle, one week fully off to let it heal, and a week at half my regular volume and only one good workout I ran the Cobblers For a Cause 5k Run/Walk and Kids 1 mile yesterday morning.
It was possibly my warmest run of the year thus far. The first mile I was running with a 13 year old. This lady is going to be CRAZY fast when she grows up!
I can’t quite remember what the time was when I crossed the line, but I remember it was under 18:36, Strava suggests we’ll go with that.
Even if it would have been an 18:37, I’d be super stoked. It was hot and I ran it solo. Boy that uphill last 1.5 with a tailwind was warm!
This is a sign of FINALLY some improvements should start showing themselves in my running. I’ve ran more volume and more consistently in the last 5 months than I ever have.
Thank you to Lynn Paulson for putting this event on. Most of the entry fee went to support student activities at Central High School, where Desi teaches. But a portion of the entry was also to go to a cause of our choice. Thanks to other race sponsors: Nucleo Fitness, Rapid City Subway & Pizza Ranch for post race food, The Runner’s Shop for giftcards to 1st place M&F in which I purchased a couple pairs of new shorts, Colonial House Restaurant and Bar for the gift card my wife won through the name drawings and we’ll probably go there for breakfast today, the Cobbler Drum Line for one of the coolest pre-race performances ever (those students are so B.A.), and all the other local people/businesses who supported the event!

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Training Week of April 11, 2016

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I’m 5 weeks out from the Fargo Half Marathon and I’m just getting back into consistent running from twisting my ankle.

And I’m totally cool.

I kept active during the break with crosstraining and increased my time spend doing other ancillary work. I’m stronger because of it. I’m rested.

This last week I did about 2, maybe 3 hours of running. The week of April 18th I plan on doing about 5 hours, then 7.5, then back up to 10 hours for only a week before a short taper and race. I’m still quite hopeful for a PR or at least a good run.

Three weeks after that is the Crazy Horse Half. Unlike my past events, I’m going to bring a GPS with me during Fargo and if I get to midway and don’t feel a PR is possible, I’ll probably jog it in and treat it as a long run. The hope is to not come out of it wrecked so I can continue training and hopefully hit a better time in Crazy Horse. Frankly, I’m after a PR and I’m willing to sacrifice Fargo if I get to mile 8 and don’t think it’s my day. I don’t want to wreck my body for a 1:25 when I want a 1:22:xx!

Training Nov 30-Dec 13, 2015

2015-12-13 15.51.33As I wrote, very pleased with this last week. The calf continued to improve and I realized as I logged today’s run that I didn’t even notice it at all.

I’ll probably peak for a New Years 5k and then take a short period of rest after this training block, before starting a long buildup to either Brookings or Deadwood. I’ve not done Brookings in a while, and it’s such a flat and fast course. The only issue is travel. We’ll see.

This last week I finally managed to get back in to doing doubles. I really want to keep this up. With the snow bound to come that will be a challenge, but it’s worth it!


Unexpected Race Annoyances

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 11.42.13 AM

Attached is the photo the winner of the Berlin Marathon, running with the insoles of his shoes flying around.

This image reminded me of a thought I had recently about say, having a pebble in your shoe during your long run.

I considering, leaving it in.

Long runs and key works are race practice, mentally and physically. If you’re shooting for a PR, you’re not going to mess up your groove and potentially lose precious seconds taking a shoe off and removing the pebble. For the man above, he would lose contact with the lead group and likely never rejoin.

So, keep the pebble in your shoe. You’re not going to take it out during the race, so don’t take it out now.

Then, my friend Roy posted this recently and basically threw that idea out the window.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 11.44.07 AM

Doing a training run with an annoyance such as this is clearly dangerous. Roy has a pretty large but short term injury there. I doubt it affected his training at all, but the potential was there for missed workouts.

Aside from a blister, another risk is that running with a modified run gait do to anything pebble, a blister, or an injury can cause a compensation injury where you change your running form to feel better but that causes another injury.

So, take out the pebble!


TV Interview

I was lucky enough to be able to chat with News Center 1 recently about upcoming events hosted by our local run club, and I made her do squat jumps!

Testing Automatic Paypal Billing


Currently for the time being I’ve back dated this post so it does not appear at the top of my website. I put the limit at $100 so that’s the max you are able to be charged by me.

I’m hoping to convert all of my athletes to a biweekly payment schedule where I will take what I invoice monthly, divide it by two, and charge that every two weeks. I’m hoping this works well for people by spreading out the bill but also not requiring anyone to manually pay an invoice.

What I’ve Noticed While Running in Panama City, Panama


I’ve been living in Panama City, Panama, for the last few weeks and have noticed a lot of things while out running, that I thought I would share. 
  1. Almost no one runs between 9am and 6pm.
  2. Even though the heat index is 90 with 70% humidity, I still occasionally see people exercise outside in sauna suits.
  3. I’m confident every runner/walker within a mile of Parque Omar goes there to workout. Luckily, I’m living right next to it. There is another popular biking/running/walking path along the ocean where people go. I believe 90% of runners in the entire city will be at these two locations.
  4. That is because it is very very difficult to run on sidewalks. There are often cars parked on it and it’s more often than not very broken up and inconsistent – more like trail running than road running. It’s simply too difficult and dangerous to run on the road/sidewalk/among traffic
  5. I almost got hit by a giant parrot while running, yesterday.
  6. Navigating while out on the sidewalks/roads is very difficult because there are only street signs about half the time. Luckily my building is super tall so I can see it from far away (yes, I’ve gotten lost and just ran towards my building off in the distance to get back)
  7. Living for a month in the city here has made me extremely grateful for the Black Hill’s weather, easy trail access, and great roads/sidewalks nearly everywhere. We’re certainly lucky to live where we do!