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What’s the best training schedule?

On reddit and twitter I very often see people asking for training plan suggestions.

As a coach and as someone who has been coached, obviously I feel the best plan is having one that follows you. One designed by a coach to fit your local weather, your job schedule, your children's schedule, etc.

But for those who are not financially able to afford a coach or for those who don't need the accountability from that investment, the personalization, etc, I still thing you should really follow a training schedule! This is absolutely one of the best things a person can do to improve their running.

When looking to download a pre-written schedule, there are a few considerations​:

1: It must follow your work/life/education schedule. 
2) ​A schedule that is a little too easy is better than a little too hard.

So, where do you find these pre-written plans?

Well, searching google for "half marathon training schedule" is a nice place to start. Check out the first ten links and find the one that fits the above points best.

I'm really a fan of purchasing a full book. Hudson, Johnson, Fitzgerald, Higdon, Pfitzinger, are all great choices. The thing about getting a full book is it will be full of supplemental information about strength work, nutrition, etc.

"The best plan should follow the runner, not the other way around." - Click to Tweet!

How I Get My Protein

I’ve been making more of a conscious effort to get 100-125g of protein in daily.

As a vegetarian, I don’t eat meat. However, I eat a lot of eggs, yogurt, milk.

Check out the video below to see my favorite protein sources!

How to Run Better

There IS a secret to improving your running…however, the secret is different for everyone. – Click to Tweet

Winter Base Building Test Group

Update: This is an old article but if you’re interested in coaching, please contact me!

Half of the long-distance races in North America just occurred within the last few months and the next wave of events is in April, which means it’s going to be a few more months until most people have another key race.

A mistake runners make is to use the “off season” as an excuse to cut back on training, thinking the three months pre-race is the most important part of the training cycle.

However, the truth is the 3-6 months before you even start a dedicated training build up for a race is just as if not more important than the three months immediately pre-race.

I am looking for committed people to work with this “off season” who want to race well this spring and summer.

The first test month is steeply discounted so you can experience what having a coach is like and for us to get to know each other.

Just to emphasize, I’m only looking for committed people. This means you can commit time, money, and effort to run to the best of your abilities. You will do the “must do’s“, not just the “want to do’s”. These things you must do are consistent general strength and mobility, running a true easy effort on easy days, performing a warm up before every run, as well as others.

After the first month if you’ve proven yourself I’ll invite you to continue working with me, if you’ve proven that you are committed.

Interested? Please fill out the contact form below:

How to Avoid Dizziness on the Treadmill


There are a few things you can do to hopefully avoid becoming dizzy while on the treadmill.

  1. Move your treadmill or select one so you’re not facing or too close to a wall or especially a television. Facing a window can be especially helpful.
  2. Keep your head and eyes up and don’t stare too much at the display. You can really avoid this by covering the display with a towel or extra shirt.
  3. Don’t be afraid to lightly touch the handrail. Keeping a hand on it can affect your stride a great deal but if you lightly tap it with your right hand every once in a while throughout the running gait you can reduce your stride changes but also have a good sense of your placement in relation to the machine.
  4. Putting the incline between 1 and 2 % may help the machine feel more like outside running.

Winter Glove Tips for Runners

Tips to keep your hands warm in the winter while running.

I grew up in eastern South Dakota, so know a thing or two about dealing with the cold.

The lowest temperature I’ve ran in was -30*F and in my hometown the average high does not get above freezing for a number of months.

When it comes to running outdoors in the cold weather the primary consideration is layers.

In regards to my hands, I use the below options quite comfortably. It’s nice to have the cheap gloves to wear by themselves if it’s just a little cold or I can wear them and a thicker pair if it’s colder.

Note: The below links are Amazon affiliate links. I do not run ads on this site but do use affiliate links. All proceeds help support the website hosting.

Cheap Gloves (liner or 30’s)
Pearl Izumi Wind Resistant Gloves (20’s-30’s w or w/o cheap liners)

Pendleton Mittens (nice by themselves or with 1-2 pairs of gloves under)


Training July 25 – Aug 7, 2016

The last two weeks have gone quite well!

I’ve gotten my mileage up in to the 60’s and have done workouts I’ve never done before!

The Aerobic Power workout on July 29th was a huge motivational boost for me. Six miles just slower than goal half pace in 72 degree temps was awesome! Then running 8.5 at marathon goal pace the next week was (I think) the fastest training run in that distance range I’ve maybe ever done.

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Quarterly Athlete Questionniare

If I’ve sent you think link, please fill it out within the next week. Thank you!

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My Training Principles

Being happy and healthy are priority #1

Don’t get hurt! You’re not going to get anything accomplished in training if you do not have the energy, motivation, and health (mental and physical) to allow you to execute the necessary workouts and recover from them. Happy runners are successful runners. 

Specific Endurance

Increase your ability to resist fatigue at goal race pace through progressively increasing both time and distance at goal pace as the race approaches.

Give priority to key workouts

These are the most important days. These workouts should have plenty of time between them to ensure proper recovery. The days these land on are even very flexible, the beauty of training with a coach instead of a static plan is you can more easily move key workouts around and have the coach assist you with the schedule. 

Extend the pace, along with the distance.

Instead of gradually going longer and longer at a slow pace, slowly extend a given pace for longer and longer time. As a race gets closer, you should be able to do more and more distance at race pace. When looking at intervals, they should become longer with a constant pace or more.


Diet should prioritize whole food and nutrient dense options

I do hold high expectations and a full commitment from both you and I. On my end, I’m going to do everything I can to earn you as a client. On your end, you’re not going to skip workouts or sell yourself short with training, nutrition, or recovery, and you’re going to do everything possible to respect my mentorship to you.

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