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“Why did I get hurt?”

As a runner and coach, most often I see injuries happen because of one core reason, and that's training load errors.


Too much too soon.

Whatever you call it, this mistake is the reason I believe most injuries happen!

The reason for most #running injuries may come down to training load errors.

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Food Quality VS Quantity

If you're a person who thinks about their diet, you may have considered the importance of food quality vs food quantity. 

Here, I chat about the differences between the two and one each are essential to be aware of!

What's more important for running quality or quantity?

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“How much race pace running should I do?”

The answer will depend on your goal race, how far away the race date is, and how your previous key workouts have been progressing. In general, being able to run 1/3rd of the goal race distance at goal pace at once, is a good suggestion. 

Examples of this would be doing 3 x 1 mile at 5k goal pace for a 5k race or 4 x 2k @ 10k goal pace for a 10k race.