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Training 3/3-3/9

2014-03-09 17.24.26

Had a spectacular week of running. I’ve been feeling much better mentally, as the temperature outside has been picking up. That does not mean I’ve actually ran outside yet, but it’s warming up! The issue with the warm up is all the melted snow freezes at night, so it’s actually more dangerous to run due to the amount of ice, even though the temp is above 0 degrees.

So, I’m still running inside on the 100m track. However from the 10th-14th I’ll be in Portland, which is looking like 60’s and some rain, and I’ll be sure to run outdoors each day. After I return, I’m hoping to be able to do a lot more of my training outdoors here in South Dakota!

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 3.51.22 PMNo complaints about the training either! The key workouts were as follows:

wu20, MOD110, cd20
Totally killed this run, I just ran what felt good and it happened to be in the moderate pace range. This day also included a 2 mile warm up and cool down, so ended up being 19 miles for the day.
Splits: 8:03 7:24 7:26 7:24 7:24 7:31 7:28 7:18 7:24 7:24 7:21 7:00 7:21 7:20 7:10
Nutrition for the day was decaf coffee in the morning with a fruit smoothie around noon. I did the workout at 1:30 and had a second fruit smoothie with me at the rec, and drank that while in the sauna. Dinner was mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, and stuffing (yuuummm!!). Later in the evening I ate a couple hummus & avocado sandwiches.

warm up + 2 x (3200m @ aerobic threshold (5:45) with 3min jogging) + 800m at best effort + cooldown
I did the warm up on a track and moved to the treadmill for the workout, 5:45+ pace is just too fast for a 100m track.
Nutrition for the day was tea first thing in the morning. I was running at noon so at 11am I ate a single sushi roll that was left over from the previous night, along with 2c of caffeinated coffee. It’s difficult to tell, but I’m fairly certain that having caffeine once weekly does definitely improve the quality of the workout. During the run I had 130cal of CHO and afterwards I drank a bottle of soy milk with a tablespoon of Amazing Grass green powder. When I got home I had a bit of artichoke dip with a couple biscuits. Later in the evening we grilled out so I ate a some veggie burgers.

2014-03-09 13.59.29

The highlight of the week was busting out my old SKORA Fits, that were at 1060 miles. Now they’re one run under 1100. I’m taking them with me to Portland to show the crew a well worn pair of Fits, considering they’re still on pre-order. They fit so goodEven my second pair with 400 miles on them does not feel as comfortable!

The disappointment of the week was just being sick. I’m feeling about 95%, I’ve just been having to use my old inhaler recently. Just a slight resistance in my throat when I breath in or out too deeply. My energy level is back up and my body feel good, aside from that little wheeze if I breath to deeply, which sometimes makes me cough. Nothing the inhaler can’t fix. 

2014-03-09 17.12.49

How and Why to Warm up!


A grade school memory of mine is from the required track & field day.

I decided to run in one of the shorter sprinting races, probably the 100m, of which I have no actual recollection of.

However I do recall deciding to not warm up for the all. Why would I want to run and waste energy, before having to race?

I came in last.

Click here to read more about warming up, including how I recommend it be done, why you should not be afraid of a hard warm up, and its affect on delayed onset muscle soreness!

Training 2/24-3/2

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 3.40.51 PM

Very solid week of training here!

I’m experimenting with a method of upping my volume while at the same time improving the quality of my workouts. Adding a warm up, duh. There was a recent study out that found a proper warmup is more likely to reduce DOMS than a proper cooldown, contrary to popular recommendation.

This means that before my runs I’ll do an EZ 20 minutes at about a 10 minute pace, basically as easy as I can run. I’ll incorporate various drills into these 20 minutes, such as skipping, bounding, high knees, etc. I’ll also some 2-3 100-200m strides. Then I’ll move into the workout, such as an EZ60. That makes my first mile actually within the “ez” range instead of slower, so the overall hour workout is higher quality, yet my quantity of total daily volume is up as well. I’ll also try to add in a 20 minute cooldown run as well. So an EZ60 7.5 mile run turns into 11.5 miles.

The highlight of the week was definitely the moderate hour at a 7:22 average followed up by a half hour at aerobic threshold, a 6:27 average pace. I also fit in a 2 mile warmup and a two mile cooldown, bringing my total mileage that day to 17.

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 5.50.19 PM

The lowpoint was, without a question, getting sick. I had a fever of about 99.5F on Saturday, but felt great for my Sunday speedworkout. On Saturday I thought my eyes/throat/nose were just dry from having the heater in the bedroom up too high, but during my run I was feeling a bit weak and shortened it, and afterwards I was pretty trashed for the remainder of the day.

2014-03-02 13.44.29 I hammered out the 10x400m at 3k pace in my SKORA Fits and Team top, as well as the famous galaxy shorts.

Food Log:

Am tea
3:30 half hour elliptical
4pm regen60
5:30 lots of Mexican food

8am EZ60
9am three bananas, oats
1:30 regen60
3:30 rice, beans, veggies, bun with promise
5pm snacked on an apple w pb
8:30 cheese quesadilla

7am coffee & cinnamon roll
7:30 wu, MOD60, 30@AT, cd with 3 mints
10am two bananas
11:30 oats & a bagel
4pm two quesadillas
6pm cheese quesadilla & apple

11am elliptical60
Noon two pb&j’s with a banana
3pm rice, beans, veggies, & peanut sauce
6pm cheese quesadilla
7pm elliptical60

8am wu, EZ60, cd
10am oatmeal & a bagel
2:30 two pb&j’s with a banana
2:30 elliptical60
4pm cucumber & hummus
5:30 chik-n sandwiches

Am coffee
Noon bagel
12:30 speed
1:30 smoothie
6pm curry, rice, naan

Training 2/10-2/16

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 2.06.16 PM


This was a solid week. Lower mileage but a couple very high quality sessions in there!

A weekly highly was probably the Farklek on Thursday. It consisted of:
warm up
4x (100m @ 5k goal pace (5:30) + 100m jog, 200 @ gp 200 jog, 300 @ gp 200 jog, 400 @ gp 200 jog)
cool down

All of the repetitions at goal pace were done fairly comfortably within 1-2 seconds of the goal split. On a 100m track it often depends on how many of the corners I can take short and how many I have to take wide around walkers, ha!

The low point of the week was nothing to do with my running, but I stupid treadmill. The calibration is just so far off. During the 6k uphill tempo my footpod put me at a 6:30 something average pace but the treadmill was over a 7:00 pace, and there’s not a chance I didn’t even average 7:00 during that run. It was pretty much the highest effort I could maintain for those 6 kilometers.

Training Week of Jan 27th

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 4.39.57 PM

Took a rest week due to traveling a few days at the end of the week. It was good to just relax and go without any expectations, I kind of just ran what I felt like.

The highlight was definitely that EZ 16 miles. I felt great the entire time. I did an identical run the previous week but with the last half hour being a fartlek of EZ and MOD/MED paces. This week’s more consistent run was easier, but probably not quite as stimulating.

disappointment for the week was most definitely the lack of sweat towels at the SNAP Fitness I ran twice at while traveling. They did have a shower though, which was really nice!

I’m not going to post my nutrition, sleep, other routines for the week. They were kind of all over the place. It’s a good thing I was not running a lot, because I don’t like to eat a ton while traveling (and especially while driving). We did finish the trip with some fantastic sushi though!

Training Week of Jan 20, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 5.04.41 PM

This was another great week, can’t complain with 75 miles at a 7:50 pace!

I’m actually a bit surprised that I hit 75 miles since I did not double up on runs for the last five days, and one of those days was only a 30 minute regeneration run!

A decision I did come to though, is that I feel more comfortable not doubling on days and focusing on quality miles over quantity. During this week without every non-hard run day being a double day, I was able to run much faster and smoother while still at that very easy effort level. I also felt much better outside of running, with my energy levels. Not leaving at 7am and going to the rec, and going back to sleep for 1-2 hours after Desi leaves, means I’m getting 8-9 hours of sleep instead of 7-8. Big difference there, no wonder I felt so good during the last half of the week!

Lets say I take out the two regeneration runs I did at the beginning of the week. That would have made the total volume 61 miles at a 7:34 pace for the week! I feel that is more preferable than the previous two weeks with slightly more miles but averaging 30 seconds slower overall. My injury risk would likely decrease, which is always a good thing.

The highlight of the week was definitely my 2 hours at an average 7:25 pace. It was a very low effort run, only the last 30 starting to feel any sort of difficulty. The second half of the workout I switched from a steady effort (never looked at my pace) to a fartlek. Every time I could not take the tangent around a corner I would switch speeds. The “on” segments were about 6:50-7:30 pace and the “off” segments were 7:30-8. Sometimes I would have to change paces after only 25m and sometimes 300m, it just depended where the other people were on the track. This was a 100m track and I ran about 260 laps, the first 4 miles I was solo and ran the “wrong” direction for the day, as soon as someone else came to the track I switched and ran the correct direction.

This workout also felt good because I was very smooth and associative for the entire two hours. I always put my iPhone, earbuds, and armband on the ledge but almost never need music/podcasts to get through a run. I did this entire workout by simply focusing on what I was doing. I was never for a second bored or tired. Not quite flow or “the zone”, but close.

As for a disappointment, maybe that tempo run. I was 10 seconds slower per mile than goal pace. Not a big deal, and who knows if the treadmill was accurate. Either way, that was as fast as I could have ran for that 30 minute stretch. Really, I probably would have been able to do it if I had not done the two extra recovery runs the previous two days and been slightly more fresh.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 5.39.34 PM

Gave these a try. Loved the taste and texture. They were a sample, I’d probably not buy sports nutrition myself. I do prefer the gummies over gels though, I like to stick one in my mouth and suck on it, let it melt instead of a rapid shot of gel carbohydrate at once time.

My log for the week is as follows

7 hours sleep
146 lbs
7:30am 3g amino acids
7:30 EZ60, sauna, whirlpool
AM decaf coffee
2pm Regen60, AIF, sauna
5pm fajitas
8pm cheese quesadilla

7 hours sleep
7am oats
7:45 MOD70 w short speed variations
10am oats
2pm bean burritos
3:30 Regen60
5:30 bowl of bean soup
6:30 popcorn
10pm carrots and hummus

7.5 hours sleep
6am 5000iu vitD, vitB complex
6:30 oats & coffee
7:30 wu, tempo30, cd
9am fruit smoothie
2:30 three bean burritos & ranch dip
3pm half hour nap
5pm pasta
7pm pb & apple butter sandwiches

9 hours sleep
AM decaf
5pm Mac & cheese
6:30 regeneration30 + AIF
7:45 dumbdumb sucker

9 hours sleep
AM tea
2:45 powerbar gummies
3:15 drills, EZ60, AIF, sauna
5pm Pasta cooked in crushed pineapple, coconut milk, and curry with cashews on top.
9pm popcorn and Dexter

8 hours sleep
9am oats & mug of mate
10am lunge matrix, drills, Strength Endurance, AIF & neural flossing in sauna
wu, 5 miles of 100m fast 100m float with an easy 3 minutes between miles, cool down
Noon glass of soy milk
3pm Italian resturant
5pm hour nap
8pm bagel with peanut and apple butter

9 hours sleep
AM coffee
11am oats
Noon drills, GSM, EZ120, AIF & neural flossing in sauna
4g amino acids pre run (last of them)
took a sip of a CHO beverage every mile, 200 cals
splits: 8:07, 7:46, 7:47, 7:40, 7:22, 7:34, 7:23, 7:23, 7:19, 7:03, 7:21, 7:10, 7:10, 7:17, 7:12
5:30 Vegetable bake, not sure what it’s really called. Just a ton of veggies baked with spices and some oil.
8pm popcorn

My Warm Up Routine


Below is my warm up routine for any race or training session that involves a warm up prior to repetitions of higher speed running. For a general paced run, such an an EZ hour I do the lunge matrix prior along with the first mile being at a higher than habitual cadence. I may also throw in a few butt kicks, skips, or high knees into that first mile as well.

For the track work or races, my warm up is as follows:

Lunge Matrix
10x forward, side, diagonal, and back lunges

100m High Knees + 300mEZ
100m Butt Kicks + 300mEZ

10x rocket jumps

EZ300m + 100m acceleration
EZ300m + 100m acceleration

300m @ race effort


= 2 mile total warm up

Training Jan 13-19

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 2.31.40 PM

Another great week. I’ve been feeling awesome lately! Actually, I’ve been feeling awesome for a long long time.

The highlight of the week was a tough choice. The easy long run at a 7:50 pace for 14 miles was wonderful. My legs & lungs felt strong for the entire run, and the effort was low. On the other hand, running a 5:23 mile up on a 100m track was good too. That did not feel terribly difficult and I’m happy with the effort.

As for a disappointment, I’m coming up blank. The week was purely solid. I’m dropping a bit of weight and running my highest volume, and feeling good while doing it.

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 2.46.34 PM

I’m working quite hard to drop some weight before racing season starts. I’ve been hovering around 145-148 for a good long while now, we’re talking years here. Athletes racing at the level that I want weight 15 pounds less than I do. Hell, Ritz is an inch taller and is 121 pounds on race day.

Normally I would recommend the old “lose weight gradually over a long period of time” with a slight caloric deficit.

However, I want to get it over with.

I don’t want to have to count calories to be in a slight calorie deficit for half a year. Instead my caloric deficit has been pretty steep lately. I’ve been eating maintenance lately and deficit has been coming from my running. I reload the glycogen stores about once or twice a week with a higher calorie day. It’s been two weeks now and I’ve lost a couple pounds, my highest day was 147lb and my lowest was 142.8. It’s not feeling like the low amount of calories have affected my performance yet. 130lb would be an even 100 pound weight loss for me.

To combat the lower food intake (and thus nutrient intake) I’ve been making a point to get in my veggies, especially kale and snacking on lots of carrots. 

Some main benefits of the weight loss will be decreased mass to move forward and up, better ability to cool myself, and less impact with the ground that hopefully leads to lower injury risk.

Food, Sleep, Weight Log

7 hours sleep
7am Twix
7:30am Regen60
Late AM tea
1pm oats
1:30 Regen60
5pm two BLT
8pm two veggie quesadillas

7.5 hours sleep
8am oatmeal
9am EZ60
Noon hour nap
1pm two burritos with ranch dip, clementine
3pm regen60
5pm bagel & cream cheese
8:30 regen60

6 hours sleep
7am handful mixed nuts
1:00 specific endurance 60
2:30 smoothie
5pm three veggie cheeseburgers
9pm carrots and hummus

10am oats
11am EZ110
2pm bean soup
4:30 pasta
7pm rice and peanut sauce
8pm popcorn

8am oats
9am regen60
2pm smoothie
4pm rice, beans, & peanut sauce
5pm regen60, sauna, whirlpool
7pm pasta
11pm two veggie quesadillas

9 hours sleep
10:30am bagel
11am EZ60
1pm potato sandwiches
PM bean burritos, pasta, & popcorn

9 hours sleep
144.5 pounds
Noon bagel and cream cheese
12:30 ez3 miles
4pm Mexican restaurant
pm didn’t record

How I fuel runs

Below are example of how I fuel my normal training runs and how I go about it for races.


Habitual AM Runs
Most of my runs in the AM are done fasted, meaning I do them without eating breakfast. Generally these workouts are no more than an hour in length and of lower intensity, so body fat and glycogen are sufficient.

Harder AM Runs
If the AM run is more difficult, I may eat something prior. Generally this is a cup of oatmeal, a couple pieces of fruit, or a bagel with hummus or cream cheese. Ideally this is eaten 1-2 hours before the run. If the run is an hour or less, I’ll not eat or drink during. Examples of such workouts are a warm up + 25 minutes @ 90% 5k pace + cool down.

PM Runs
For most PM runs I almost never have fluids or calories during, as I’ve been eating throughout the day. Most important for these is to make sure you go into the run with a light stomach. Having too much food too high up in your GI system will be far worse than having too little food. I like to wait at least 2 hours to run after a meal.


5k, 10k
We will assume all races take place in the early AM. For any lasting less than an hour I will generally take in the same type of breakfast I mentioned above, and nothing during.

Half Marathon & Full
Same breakfast as above. I do not like connecting my fluid and calorie intake for events that may require both. I will plan on roughly 200-250 calories per hour, generally in the form of gels, which I’ll carry with me. For water it’s completely by thirst. The two options are to either carry a bottle or take from aid stations. I prefer to sip, and the bottle is much better for this. However I dislike having to carry it as well. For a half marathon hydration is not very crucial, so you can likely just grab a few cups at a few aid stations and be good. I

f you wanted more water during a full marathon, starting with a bottle and dumping it when it’s gone is an option. You’ll be more able to comfortable take in extra fluids and calories early on when you’re going at a more comfortable effort, and will probably be less interested in these towards the end when you’re really pushing the pace.

Some products I recommend:


First Endurance EFS powder, click the image to see my review.

2014-03-23 09.43.13

Also the First Endurance Liquid Shot, 400 calories in the palm of your hand!

Tastes great & is not thick, so does not require water to wash it down. But packaging is a bit larger than a traditional gel.

Cliff Bloks

I also absolutely love gummy Cliff Bloks. Just tear the top and you can squeeze a blok out and suck on it for a few minutes. Slow release, does not require water, and tastes great. They’re easy enough to hold that you can just put it on a short pocket, hold onto it for 3-5 miles, or put inside a handheld pouch.

Great recipes for easy “meals” on the go!

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 3.28.18 PM My favorite handheld,  prefer to ditch to wife at some point in race.


Also, the energy and overall awesomeness of my hysterical running partner, Jenna Elizabeth, provide me the fuel I really need to dominate races. She is an inspiration. The end.

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