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Self Belief


When I turned pro during the 2nd half of 2013 a change in my mindset also took place.

Like a research subject performs better when they are wearing a “doctors lab coat” instead of a “painters coat”, perhaps I too will act more professional by simply giving myself such a title. A new sense of purpose, dedication, and self confidence.

Ryan Hall said about the East Africans, after spending some time there:

My last thought about Kenya and what makes the runners here so special is their incredible self-belief. I have never met a group of runners so confident in their abilities, even if they are unproven. For example, you cannot tell the difference between a 2:04 marathon runner and a 2:20 marathon runner in Kenya; they exude the same confidence and self-belief.

Aside from their confidence, the East Africans have other training elements that I have begun to implement into my life and workouts:

  • Group Training – While I do train solo, I often train at the rec center. Having people and such a facility no doubt does increase the amount of time I spend doing GSM (vs at home) and the spectator factor, without a doubt, increasing my run performance.
  • Long and Meticulous warm ups. I’m trying to spend half of my training time doing warm up, cool down, drills, GSM, etc.
  • Organic Running by feel. EZ/MOD/MED/FAST, no relying super heavy on electronics
  • Ending a workout early if they feel a niggle. Taking strong care of how they feel.
  • Consistently cheerful and happy.
  • EZ when tired, hard when feeling good.
  • Lots of ankle strengthening and flexibility work.


  • Committed level of intensity for each session
  • “Whatever you do, do it well.”
  • All that matters during a training session is the session.


  • Giving running and my goals the respect they deserve
  • Ensure I am rested for sessions


  • At all costs, finish a set
  • Don’t quit, don’t slow. Be determined.

Update: Here is a great article on “The Professional State of Mind”!

Shin Splints

Shin splints are unfortunately the subject of many running related questions.

Like most running injuries, the causes and remedies are often unclear and different for various situations and athletes.

Injuries are a method your body uses to tell you that something is not functioning properly. Often a muscle imbalance, muscle weakness, or running form issue is to blame.

It is true that changing shoes or stride may help resolve a pain. A calf compression sleeve or new shoes may modify your stride and thus cause you to utilize muscles differently. Even running faster than normal can help reduce pain via a modified stride compared to your habitual pace.

But this pain resolution is not fixing the actual problem – the muscle imbalance, muscle weakness, or form issue.

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How I deal with lack of Motivation before a run

Today I woke up tired.

I drove to the rec center and felt tired.

When I arrived, I sat in my car for about 5 minutes trying to convince myself to go home and sleep.

I told myself I’d just do a half hour of flexibility, strength, and drill work. After that I could go home and go back to bed, do the run later in the day.

When I finished up all that gym work, I walked on the treadmill for a few minutes, and told myself to just do an easy thirty minutes and do the second half of the prescribed hour later in the day.

Finally I finished the slow half hour workout and realized I felt pretty good! I decided to pick up the pace a bit and do some 2 minute accelerations every 3 minutes. I even cranked the treadmill’s incline down to do downhill hill repeats.

Boom! Training done for the day!

Lying to myself is something I’ve done frequently, when lacking motivation.

Never judge a run by how you feel before or during the first mile. Always go into them with an open mind, they’ll almost always feel better after than when you started!

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