2014 Turkey Day 5k


This was my second running of the Turkey Day 5k in Watertown and its 14th running.

No other race in town brings in a quarter of the amount of participants as this one, with 396 participants.

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Inside the high school at the sign up area I could see multiple current or ex cross country runners. All of them from out of town and skinnier than me. Always reminds me I still have a few pounds to lose.

2013-11-28 10.30.45

The first 2k were uphill and the 3rd and 5th k were into the wind, so it was not going to be a fast race. I went out hard and was in 3nd for the first couple kilometers, just ahead of a group of 3 that caught and ran with me for a bit before edging away on an uphill.


I ended up finishing in 6th place with a watch time of 18 flat. 19 seconds slower than the last 2 5k’s, but still a good time considering the conditions.

What I learned:
Always dress light. It was bloody cold, but I stripped down a bit. Just cover the skin. Speaking of blood, I got a bloody nose during this run.
Going out hard for these shorter events really works great for me. Of the 4 or so I’ve done this during, I’ve been pleased with the results.
I need to lose weight. Duh. Knew that.
The Phase-X without insole is a bit low. Feels better with those extra few mm.


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EB - December 4, 2013

Great job! Cold weather layering is an art form. I always seem to get it just right by the end of the winter.

Bryan - November 30, 2013

I’ve noticed that the Phase feels a bit too low for racing as well. I’m always tempted to find something else to race in. Glad to hear I’m not the only one.

    Kyle - November 30, 2013

    To be fair, I did not noticed before the race that the insole was removed. With that in, I feel it’s the most appropriate racing flat for me for anything under 13.1 miles.

      Bryan - December 1, 2013

      I wonder if the Form wouldn’t be better for my needs. For some reason, I have little if any problem putting in easy miles, but my body just feels…pounded after a race in the Phases in a way I’m just not used to.

        Kyle - December 1, 2013

        It’s possible, you do hit the ground harder when you run faster. In the Phase, your form may not be quite in the right place for such a minimal shoe.

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