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I've helped people just like you become more consistent, healthier, and stronger runners.

Shout out to my running coach, Coach Kyle, for helping me get my mind and body ready for a new half marathon PR and Boston prep race this weekend at Shamrock.

Jeremy S, Running Coach

Yes, I work with Kyle Kranz and it is the shit.

Sarah F, engineer & 19 minute 5k'er

You got me there healthy and that's really all I could've asked for. Man, you were spot on when you said it (running across Kansas) would be a combination of every run I've ever taken in my life. It was condensed into 11 days.

John K, 3:03 marathoner

A smart coach helps you improve and stay healthy (no running injury in a couple of years; coincidentally since I started working with Kyle.

Marcel T, multiple ultra marathon winner

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