Hi, I'm Kyle

I teach runners how to be their own running coach so they can train sustainably and healthily on their own while avoiding injuries and running their best.



‚ÄčI'm Coach Kyle. A running coach who specializes in helping runners acquire kick-ass training habits to crush their running goals! 

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of running information available online?

Have you been injured in the past? Are currently injured and desire guidance returning to running?

Do you have some daunting running goals?

Then don't f* around by winging it. My goal is to get you training smart and sustainably on your own.

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 Nathan B 

 Running Coach , Boston Qualifier


Failed to thank my coach this morning! It was an egregious error, although he would not think so! Thanks Coach Kyle for making me into a consistent & strong runner!

Sarah F

 Engineer, 19 minute 5k


Yes, I work with Kyle Kranz and it is the shit.

Marcel T

Multiple Ultra Marathon Winner


A smart coach helps you improve and stay healthy (no running injury in a couple years; coincidentally since I started working with Kyle.)

Sarah F

Small Biz Owner, Boston Qualifier


You got me there healthy and that's really all I could've asked for. Man, you were spot on when you said it (running across Kansas) would be a combination of every run I've ever taken in my life. 

It was condensed into 11 days.